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Focus On Feng Shui - Spring Cleaning Attracts Positive Energy

As the earth renews itself each Spring, many of us (well, at least a few of us) feel the urge to heed one of the season's age-old rituals - spring cleaning. This year, don't think of spring cleaning as an unpleasant chore. Instead, realize that it's an opportunity to use the principles of Feng Shui to determine what things really benefit your home and what things do not.

Most people have closets, garages, basements, drawers and attics that are bursting with things they haven't used for years. These accumulated possessions block the energy flow in our homes, creating stagnation and causing us to experience chaos, frustration and struggle in our lives.

To enhance your home and life this season, determine what items are a true reflection of the kind of life you want to live. Work on eliminating or improving any areas that you don't want others to see. For instance, if you're embarrassed by the mess in your basement, get rid of items stored there that you don't need.

When we remove things from our homes that are no longer necessary or appropriate in our lives, we gain clarity. We let go of the past when we let go of things that no longer serve use. We open the way for new opportunities to come to us in life, and allow our lives to flow better by removing obstructions.

So when you spring clean your home, think of it as clearing out old, stagnant energy and allowing new, positive energy to enter. It will become one chore you welcome with the season.

Feng Shui Tips to Help Banish Clutter:

As garage-sale season begins, many people are taking the opportunity to improve their home's Feng Shui without even realizing it. One of the simplest things you can do to enhance the positive flow of energy through your environment is to banish clutter and remove extraneous items from your home. It may seem to go against the modern philosophy of "more is better," but when Feng Shui was developed centuries ago, its first practitioners discovered that casting off useless and unwanted objects could literally be like lifting a weight from the owner's shoulders.

Despite the fact that we know how important it is to remove clutter, it can be painfully difficult to part with our possessions - even the ones that have been stuffed in a box in the corner of a closet for the last year or more. To make the job easier for you, here's a test that your items must pass in order to remain in your home.

Everything you own should meet at least one of the following criteria. If you can't answer yes to any of the questions below when assessing an item, then do yourself a favor and let them go. In addition to clearing your own environment, selling or donating cast-offs can result in enhancing the environment of someone else who really would treasure the thing you no longer need, want or use.

The Power to PURGE!

Ideally, you should sort through all your possessions at least once a year while considering the following questions:

  • Do I use it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Does it bring me joy?
  • If I lost it in a fire, would I seek an exact replica to replace it?
  • Would I be willing to put it in my home's prosperity area in order to create more of it?
  • Does it send positive energy to the universe?
  • Does it remind me of happy memories or create positive emotions when I'm near it?
  • Would I take it with me if I moved to a new home?
  • Will it create pleasure or be useful to my heirs?

One final note: If it's broken or irreparably damaged, then throw it out. By clearing your home's clutter, you can create a more open environment to welcome positive energy that will result in a better life for everyone under your roof.